Remedy Greens Supercelery Digestion


Supercelery Digestion offers powerful multifaceted support to maintain and improve digestive health. This uniquely formulated blend relieves bloating, indigestion, heartburn and flatulence, while regulating bowel movements and gut transit. A rich supply of antioxidants helps to reduce gut inflammation, heal stomach ulcers and regulate acid secretion. Carefully selected ingredients stimulate healthy bacteria, reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance and restore gut impermeability (Leaky Gut Syndrome), while enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients to the body to improve overall health.



Organic Celery Powder
Organic Ginger Powder
LactoSpore® Probiotics
Fibregum™ Dietary Fibre
Peptan® Type I Collagen
Buffered Vitamin C


Supports and improves digestive health
Relieves bloating, indigestion, heartburn and flatulence
Helps to reduce gut inflammation, heal stomach ulcers and regulate acid secretion
Enhances the bioavailability of nutrients
Helps restore gut impermeability (Leaky Gut Syndrome)
Reduces symptoms of lactose intolerance
Helps to regulate gut transit and normalises bowel movements
Stimulates healthy bacteria
Rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants
Contains buffered vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that promotes collagen synthesis

More Details:
Celery is well-known for being low in calories, but its health benefits go far beyond use as a diet food. Organic celery powder is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for anti-inflammatory and alkalising effects. It helps to reduce blood pressure thanks to cardiovascular and neuro-protective properties, and may protect against cancer and other chronic diseases.

Ginger has been used for centuries as an effective remedy for alleviating gastrointestinal distress. It’s an excellent intestinal soother and uncomfortable gas eliminator. Specifically, ginger helps to:

Modulate intestinal contractions
Stimulate bile flow
Reduce surface tension within the intestines
Reduce gas discomfort by exhibiting an anti-foaming action
Protect against gastrointestinal cancers
Studies have shown that collagen can help aid digestion, reduce gut inflammation, heal stomach ulcers, and regulate acid secretion. The reason collagen peptides are able to help with all of these issues is because of their robust amino acid profile. The amino acids in Peptan® that help with gut health and digestion are:

Glycine, which helps improve digestive health in the intestinal tract.
Proline, an amino acid that can help heal wounds, support digestive health, increase metabolism and fight inflammation in the intestinal tract.
L-Glutamine has been identified as a key amino acid in helping the prevention of inflammation in the gut wall and healing Leaky Gut Syndrome. It has been associated with helping the intestinal lining of the stomach and opening junctions in the connective tissue. L-Glutamine has also been tied to helping the body’s metabolism and helping to curb your desire for sugar and alcohol. L-Glutamine also works on a cellular level to repair the cracks or fissures that Leaky Gut Syndrome comes with, helping to decrease intestinal permeability and repair Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Friendly gut bacteria help us assimilate more nutrients from our diet. They also help our immune system function properly and keep harmful microorganisms in check (and help manage IBS). The health benefits and safety of a probiotic depend largely on the strain. Supercelery Digestion contains LactoSpore®, which survives its journey down the digestive tract into the intestine (where many probiotics may be broken down before they reach their destination). It then settles in the digestive tract and produces enough lactic acid and other antagonistic substances to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Enzymes can be described as simple proteins found within each living cell, where they act as ‘biological catalysts’ to regulate various biological reactions, including digestion. Several digestive enzymes are involved in breaking down protein, carbohydrates, and fats and other complex molecules present in food. Through this action, they facilitate the digestive process and thus help better nutrient absorption by the body. Due to ageing or otherwise, an increasing number of individuals are experiencing a decline in their body’s natural ability to produce important digestive enzymes. Lack of optimal digestive function associated with enzyme inadequacy may lead to malabsorption and a host of related health issues, if left unaddressed. DigeZyme® is a unique blend of specific digestive enzymes that powerfully aids proper digestion and better absorption of nutrients.

Fibregum™ contains a 90% content of soluble dietary fibre. This improves gut transit regulation, normalises bowel movements, stimulates healthy bacteria, helps restore gut impermeability and is FODMAP friendly certified.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects cells from damage and inflammation, which can lead to many diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. The human body is not able to produce vitamin C, which means that we must get the vitamin from our diet. We added vitamin C buffered with calcium to Supercelery Digestion, which is a less acidic form of vitamin C, making it more digestible and gentler on the stomach, helping to support overall wellness.