he Bella Bacci Deep Cleansing Mitten has been designed to  It’s so effective you can use it to remove make-up too, even waterproof make-up! It’s simple to use, all you need to do is wet it with warm water and wipe away the cares of the day, leaving your face soft and cleansed. Once your skin is happily clean, you can up the effect by continuing your routine.


It’s time to treat your skin well. Remove your make-up and give yourself a professional cleanse with this super-mitt .Cleanse your facial skin deeply and gently without disturbing its delicate and important acid mantle. Even waterproof make-up has no chance against its’ cleansing powers, while still keeping your skin’s protective acid mantle barrier intact. Simply wet with tepid water, wipe away. Keep your mitt clean and intact by washing it in soapy water. Hang to dry and voila, sterile once again and ready for the next use!

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  • A cleansing mitten that removes impurities and deep cleanses your facial skin using microfibers that won’t strip its delicate acid mantle
  • Simply use tepid water, wet the mitten and massage away dirt
  • The mitten has a very soft feel
  • Use it instead of cleansers and soaps and leave your skin naturally clean, without any residues
  • Great for sensitive skin, or for your little kiddies skin
  • Naturally antibacterial and antifungal material
  • Economical – you can reuse it indefinitely as opposed to replacing soaps and cleansers all the time
  • A greate idea for a gift for a favourite person in your life
  • Approved by Beauty Without Cruelty

You can boost your  Bellabaci cleansing treatment by massaging your skin with Bellabacci Facial Cups and Skin Get A Life Genie to give yourself an awesome, preservative and additive-free beauty treatment specially formulated with organic natural botanicals to treat all sorts of skin concerns such as dryness, eczema, aging, wrinkles, double chins and fluid retention. Do this massage for 2 – 5 minutes a day and remember, don’t use it over open wounds, active acne or sunburns.

*Please note: the cleansing mitten is made from synthetic (polyester), not natural, material as natural materials such as cotton absorb water and are therefore not antibacterial and dont last as long. It is however a very soft, gentle material and the choice is up to your own discenrment whether or not you use synthetic materials.