Beauty Greens® Collagen Coconut Vanilla


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You’ll love our tropical take on classic vanilla, making this Beauty Greens® flavour an ideal everyday choice.

This alkalizing green blend is rich in wheatgrass and spirulina. Wheatgrass and spirulina are natural detoxifying agents. They help fight off infection and aid in eliminating heavy metals and toxins from the body. For this reason, some people may experience a cleansing effect when they first start taking it.

Here’s what’s inside our 5-in-1 beauty solution:

Peptan® Collagen: which promotes plump, wrinkle-free, supple skin and strengthens nails

Dairy-free Probiotics: which alleviate skin issues, hydrate the skin, promote thick, shiny hair, while strengthening and nourishing your nails

Omega-3’s: which tackle skin issues, strengthen skin barrier function, combat dry scalp and brittle hair, and help strengthen brittle nails too

50 Organic Superfoods: which improve all processes in the body and fight the signs of ageing with antioxidants

Buffered Vitamin C: which diminishes skin discolouration, provides anti-ageing antioxidants, and combats hair fall and premature greying

Beauty Greens® ingredients are freeze-dried into an easy-to-use powder, preserving nutrients and providing you with a convenient beauty supplement.

Simply mix a single serving of Beauty Greens® with 100ml water, or your favourite food or drink: Blend into smoothies | Mix into yoghurt | Add into oats | Stir into juice

Average Values: Per 15 g Serving Per 100 g NRV***
Energy (kJ) 220 1466
Protein (g) 9,8 65,3 17%
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g) 1 7
of which Total Sugar (g) 0 0,3
Total Fat 0,9 6,2
of which Saturated Fat (g) 0,1 0,6
of which Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 0,6 4,3
of which Omega-3 Fatty Acids (ALA) (mg) 500 3333
of which Omega-6 Fatty Acids (mg) 146 972
of which Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (g) 0,2 1,4
Dietary Fibre (g) (AOAC 985,29) ** 1,1 7,3
Sodium (mg) 3 23
Iron (mg) 1,6 10,7 9%
Potassium (mg) 31,2 208
Vitamin C as Buffered Ascorbic Acid (mg) 500 3330 500%
Organic Superfoods Blend * (mg) 2250 15000
Probiotic Blend: Lactospore Bacillus Coagulans, Bacillus Subtilis (million CFU) 15 100
**Method of Analysis AOAC985.29
*** Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for individual 4 years and older

Ingredients: Peptan Collagen, Organic Superfoods Blend with Probiotics*, Flaxseed, Buffered Vitamin C, Stevia

Allergens: This product was manufactured in a facility that uses eggs, dairy, soy, wheat (gluten) and nuts.

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