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So what are the elements of the romantic style personality?

You dress to express your femininity. …

You are attracted to beautiful pieces. …

You like embellishments on your clothes. …

You like soft colors. …

You like to be well-groomed. …


Think about long skirts, relaxed blouses and flowy pants. Top it all off with a richly brocade adorned coat for the ultimate bohemian look. It is not only about your clothes but jewellry and accessories as well. Longline necklaces, glittering rings and wide-brimmed hats will have you looking like a boho dream

Every detail counts.Bohemian style, often called “boho” or “boho chic,” focuses on free and flowy fashions, natural fabrics, and earthy colors and patterns.

CLASSIC CHIC – Stylish elegance

Your favourite pants are probably navy or black jeans or trousers with an excellent fit, comfortable but structured, easy to care for, and classic in style. Your tops are tailored, structured, skim your body, but aren’t so tight you can see the outline of what you had for lunch.


Turning performance wear into everyday wear, athleisure is blurring the lines between the clothes you’d wear to the gym and those you’d wear to lunch. So, whether you’re off to the dance studio or hitting the streets, your outfit can now do it all. With no need to lug around a change of clothes or struggle in heels during a long day


Those with an expressive fashion personality choose bold articles of clothing and often find fashion as an art form. Every day is a chance to create a unique masterpiece! Not afraid to try trends or stand out in a crowd, gravitate toward bright colours, funky patterns, and chunky jewellery.



Basically, with urban chic we are talking about casual-elegant style of clothing that is perfect for women that want to explore their own sense of style every time they are about to head out and about in a more casual manner.